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Comprehensive Secondary School Nawfia

The school came into existence in 1962 as Anglican Technical Secondary School Nawfia (A.T.S.S.N). The school took off with 25 students who did both technical and science subjects. These pioneers of the school graduated in 1970 being drawn back by the civil war in 1973, the school was taken over by the government of Anambra state and the name changed to Nawfia Secondary School, Nawfia. In 1974, the school was later renamed to Comprehensive Secondary School, Nawfia. The school had it’s silver jubilee in 1987. In 2005, the school’s Admin block was burnt to ashes by unknown hoodlums. In 2010, Governor Peter Obi renovated the Admin block and later sent renovation grant with which the dormitory, the staff quarters and the former P.T.A project were renovated. Since it’s inception the school has been headed by 16 principals. The school has make a mark in the sands of time, it is a breeding nest for best brains and will continue to tear into the frontier of knowledge to envelope the cyst of ignorance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The experience is designed to be transformational, to make a difference in the life of every student.

The college will offer a broad education interweaving academic study and co-curricular activity within a framework of pastoral care in which each part is an essential component, just as every strand of a tapestry brings essential value to a total work of Art and Science.

We believe that education should connect you to the world around you, providing context and insight into today’s most pressing issues. Drawing from the 21st Century’s most innovative and effective educational models, the Changemaker Curriculum combines high academic standards with interdisciplinary, project-based learning—so your environment informs your studies and your studies give meaning to your environment.Through development in three key areas, the Changemaker Curriculum builds informed, intelligent global citizens who are empowered to enact real and lasting change.

Students are assigned to one teacher as their main advisor, but all THINK teachers provide individualized academic support as well as the general supervision and mentoring necessary to smooth the occasional turbulence that accompanies adolescence and world education.

We provide nutritious food to our students so they can perform their best in the classroom. Dining with teachers and classmates creates the convivial social atmosphere of a home away from home. We also believe cuisine is an integral part of learning and understanding a culture. Students are exposed to a variety of food experiences during their time in each city, and periodically take cooking lessons that give them a chance to experiment hands-on with local ingredients and flavors.

We welcome parent visits to the school with arrangements made at least two weeks in advance. The best time for parents to visit is at the end of a term to ensure that students do not have other academic obligations that would prevent parents from spending quality time with their son/daughter.